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For me there is a thread that runs through all the work I have done – identifying, articulating and then sharing what matters to the people I am working with.

I have selected some of the main organisations and pieces of work I have done to give a flavour of what I do and the range of topics and organisations I can work with.

Third sector, 2009 to date

Rank Organisation

DCDP evaluation of 21 projects over 3 years (current project)

Fair Isle primary ‘Opportunities for All’
Evaluation of Family Support project, 2015

EDG (Edinburgh Development Group)
Big Lottery 1st and 2nd stage applications to develop ‘Care Co-operatives’

Euan’s Guide
Partnership development – specifically interested in working with potential reviewers to support their input and overcome barriers to sharing their experiences

Kindred Advocacy
Advocacy and information for families of disabled children and young people.

On-going programme of workshops for parents, practitioners and in-house staff
  • Communication
  • ASL legislation
  • Practitioner support
Interviewing families for the LDCAMHS report to Scottish Government (2014)
Consultant on 'Exceptional Families' Project, 2016 - 2018

Drug and alcohol recovery project
  • Design and delivery of workshops in resilience and preventing ‘burnout’
  • Development of content for e-learning module on prevention and management of ‘burnout’
  • SQA accreditation for workshops/training

Health in Mind
Mental Health Services
  • Design and delivery of stress management workshop programme incl. Stirling University
  • Management and practice supervision of the Guided Self Help team (2012 -2014)

Inclusive Communication Project
Communication Manager - Inclusive Communication in Scotland Project, 2013 - 2014
Scottish Government funded project to implement the 6 principles of inclusive communication into public and voluntary processes and practice. Working with 'experts', people with communication support needs to address barriers to communication.

Other projects

National Autistic Society

Evaluation of ‘Young Campaigner’s project’
UK Connect, London
Innovation workshop
Blue Triangle Housing Association, Kilmarnock
Design and delivery of workshops on attachment and healthy relationships for young people in care

Management experience

In the voluntary and retail sectors

Voluntary Service Overseas, 1998

Managing assessment days in Glasgow, London and Amsterdam for volunteers applying to work overseas

SNIP (Special Needs Information Point)
Support, Information and Advocacy for families of disabled children and young people

I was Training Manager and then Director of this organisation based at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh between 2000 – 2008.

Main highlights:

  • Successful application to the BIG Lottery Fund – £1 million grant over 5 years (at the time the biggest single grant to an organisation in Scotland) to develop and deliver advocacy to families using the hospital, across the Lothian’s and in Fife.

  • Developing and delivering a programme of training for Key Workers in Care Co-ordination  as part of the Lothian Hospital and University redesign. This programme was delivered across the UK and enabled us to generate income for the organisation as well as educate and influence practitioners across the disciplines of health, education and social work.

  • Establishing a free counselling service for parents and siblings of disabled children in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

  • Working with the Children& Families dept to develop guidance to support the implementation of the Additional Support for Learning (Scotland) Act, 2004 across Edinburgh’s schools and nurseries

Waterstone’s Booksellers
Branches in London and Glasgow
Management roles from 1985 – 1992 including the setting up of the original branch in Glasgow
Me and my son Joe


  • connections
  • conversations
  • different ways of understanding things
  • workshops and materials
  • courses and programmes
Creating and what people said
  • what is the change you want to see?
  • what are people experiencing?
  • what is working and why?
  • what isn’t and why?
  • what is the difference you are making?
Evaluating and what people said
  • bespoke and tailored
  • workshops (half and full day)
  • introductory and in-depth
  • programmes and courses
  • interactive and practical
Training and what people said
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