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For me there is a thread that runs through all the work I have done – identifying, articulating and then sharing what matters to the people I am working with.

I have selected some of the main organisations and pieces of work I have done to give a flavour of what I do and the range of topics and organisations I can work with.

Public Sector

NHS Managed Clinical Network for Children with Exceptional Needs (NMCN)

Directed videos interviewing parents and professionals for use on the website:

  • ‘The Emotional Impact of Tube Feeding’
  • ‘How do you want me to talk to you? – Communicating with children with complex needs’

Produced reports, designed and delivered training workshops to support the use of these materials.

‘Words Matter’ – Produced a booklet for parents based on interviews about their early experiences and expectations when their child has complex needs

Design and delivery of practitioner workshop and seminar

NHS Highland
Design and delivery of a range of workshops to support multi-disciplinary implementation of the Child’s Plan under GIRFEC

City of Edinburgh Council
A survey of support for head teachers and school staff within Special Schools

Me and my son Joe


  • connections
  • conversations
  • different ways of understanding things
  • workshops and materials
  • courses and programmes
Creating and what people said
  • what is the change you want to see?
  • what are people experiencing?
  • what is working and why?
  • what isn’t and why?
  • what is the difference you are making?
Evaluating and what people said
  • bespoke and tailored
  • workshops (half and full day)
  • introductory and in-depth
  • programmes and courses
  • interactive and practical
Training and what people said
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