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For me there is a thread that runs through all the work I have done – identifying, articulating and then sharing what matters to the people I am working with.

I have selected some of the main organisations and pieces of work I have done to give a flavour of what I do and the range of topics and organisations I can work with.

Working with individuals

Coaching and supervision practice, 2008 to date

Counsellor in private practice and range of settings including BACUP (cancer support) and the National HIV/Aids Line, 1992 – 1999
Me and my son Joe


  • connections
  • conversations
  • different ways of understanding things
  • workshops and materials
  • courses and programmes
Creating and what people said
  • what is the change you want to see?
  • what are people experiencing?
  • what is working and why?
  • what isn’t and why?
  • what is the difference you are making?
Evaluating and what people said
  • bespoke and tailored
  • workshops (half and full day)
  • introductory and in-depth
  • programmes and courses
  • interactive and practical
Training and what people said
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