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Connecting with people, values and philosophy

I have been working freelance since January 2009. I decided to become self-employed to create a different balance in my life. In previous’ lives’ I ran a voluntary organisation, worked as a counsellor and ran a bookshop.

Initially, my focus was on designing and delivering training  (which I still do and very much enjoy) but over time I was invited to do other things including research, evaluation and facilitation.

All of these areas have involved meeting a wide range of people, having interesting conversations and making connections.

So whilst I can tell you what I do, have done and can offer, I want to say a bit about why I do what I do, what motivates and interests me.

My therapeutic training and background informs all of my work. Learning about myself and being privileged to share other people’s ‘inner landscapes’ has been profoundly helpful to me. It helps me to make sense of my world and then support other people as they explore theirs. I want to make connections and create conditions in which you can feel better able to explore new ideas, ways of thinking and behaving.

I am interested in what makes you tick, what matters to you and what messages you want to convey. I believe it is important to respect the pace you want to go at but also to gently push you by asking questions that go beneath the surface of what you are saying. Sometimes, we come to understand what we want or what we mean only by hearing another’s person’s  understanding of what we have said. More often than not we can find ourselves saying, ‘no, it was more like…’ or ‘yes that’s close but…’ or ‘I hadn’t thought of it that way at all but now I wonder…’

I offer –

  • another perspective
  • a ‘fresh eye’
  • ideas that might prove helpful and interesting

I bring this and more to working with you in tangible ways which can include –

  • planning
  • developing a programme
  • a 1:1 session
  • exploring a barely formed idea
  • a fully formed event

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  • connections
  • conversations
  • different ways of understanding things
  • workshops and materials
  • courses and programmes
Creating and what people said
  • what is the change you want to see?
  • what are people experiencing?
  • what is working and why?
  • what isn’t and why?
  • what is the difference you are making?
Evaluating and what people said
  • bespoke and tailored
  • workshops (half and full day)
  • introductory and in-depth
  • programmes and courses
  • interactive and practical
Training and what people said
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