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I have over twenty years experience of developing and delivering training workshops and programmes including 'train the trainer' and content for e-learning modules.

My training is underpinned by my interest in people -

  • what impacts on us as individuals
  • our common experiences
  • how we can best support ourselves emotionally
  • what works in practice

Bespoke and tailored:

Sometimes you know just what you are looking for and can provide a detailed brief that I will address - developing a programme or session in line with your clear needs and demands.

More often, you know what you want to address, or more likely change in the way you and/or your staff/colleagues behave and deal with situations but are unsure how to make that happen.

I can work with you to identify the key issues and changes you wish to see. I will then design a session or programme to address these, ensuring the elements reflect your specific work environment, culture, challenges and context.

The following elements are part of what will be included -

Workshops can be:

  • half day (3/4hrs) or full day (6/7hrs)
  • one-off or part of a series
  • within a programme or course structure


Beginning to explore an issue or process to identify future steps for you to take, with or without my input


Working through an issue or series of them, generating change, developing action plans


a mixture of input, small group and pairs exercises
facilitated discussions
engaging your interest
inviting your perspective


I offer a range of elements within the sessions that you can choose from to use within your professional (and personal) life -
references and further reading

Topics I have designed and delivered include -

  • communication
  • building resilience
  • turning 'best practice into common practice'
  • stress management
  • confidence building
  • inspiring innovation
  • introducing legislation and its implications for practice
  • self-evaluation
  • childhood disability
  • advocacy
  • managing emotional impact
  • delivering challenging news
  • developing working agreements between clients and practitioners, co-founders, practice team members

What people said:

"Claire developed a well structured, clear and engaging programme, paced at the right tempo for participants. She was very adaptable during training and also had a strong framework of highly organised and thorough suite of handouts and references."

Ruth Campbell, COMAS

"I have known Claire professionally for the past sixteen years.  Whilst I was Director of SNIP (now Kindred Scotland) we co-wrote a two day Key Worker training course together and delivered this throughout the UK and beyond. The course was highly evaluated and at the time was recognised by the Care Co-ordination Network UK as the ‘gold standard’ in Key Worker Training. Claire then went on to single-handedly write a Training for Trainer’s course to build capacity within the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors to deliver the Key Worker course.

The five day ‘Training for Trainer’s – Key Working’ course evidenced Claire’s high level skills in writing, her great understanding of and commitment to adult learning and her absolute determination that those delivering the Key Worker training course had real ‘ownership’ of the material with a proper understanding of why each element of the course had been written as it had and the purpose for which it was placed at a particular place on the course.

Although the course participants groaned when asked to ‘deconstruct’ yet another piece of material, by the end of the five days they understood that they had gained skills that would not merely allow them to stand up and parrot material, but would ensure they could deliver the course in an authentic manner, enhancing the learning experience for their trainees and providing themselves with the tools to better develop their own training materials.

This course was highly regarded by Managers and Practitioners within the disabled children’s workforce and became an important income generator for the organisation, bringing in around £150,000 over three years
I feel privileged to have written and delivered trainings with Claire. Not only does she produce thought provoking and accessible training material, but also brings her highly developed counselling and coaching skills into the co-training relationship.

She used these very effectively to provide me with a degree of support and challenge  that I know have enabled me to grow as a trainer. Always aware of the trainees’ own potential challenges and barriers to learning, she is encouraging and nurturing of their development, but again does not shy away from challenge to further extend their growth.

I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who seeks to ensure that training or group facilitation is delivered with both professionalism and humanity."

Shirley Young
Former: Director of SNIP, Chair of the Family Fund, Non-Executive Board Member of Education Scotland, Scotland Committee Member Big Lottery Fun

  • connections
  • conversations
  • different ways of understanding things
  • workshops and materials
  • courses and programmes
Creating and what people said
  • what is the change you want to see?
  • what are people experiencing?
  • what is working and why?
  • what isn’t and why?
  • what is the difference you are making?
Evaluating and what people said
  • bespoke and tailored
  • workshops (half and full day)
  • introductory and in-depth
  • programmes and courses
  • interactive and practical
Training and what people said
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